P7230026Air Cannon  (very loud startle scare)

DSC00096Cemetery Fence  (building realistic wrought iron fencing)

DSC00473Tombstones  (realistic foam tombstones with empathy engravings)

Rocking TombstoneRocking Tombstone  (forwards and backwards rocking tombstone)

DSC01715Opening Tombstone  (involves a gear motor and a tombstone)

P101004602Wheel of Death (a skeleton spinning on a large wheel)

DSC01496Flying Ghosts  (involves a motor and wheels mounted in trees)

DSC01053Projected Ghosts (using a slide projector and disco ball)

DSC00152Scanning Head  (using a motor to move a head back and forth)

DSC00199Opening Coffin  (a coffin opening and closing using a motor)

The Haunted Driveway