McMaster-Carr  (Industry supplies sells mostly everything that is used in these projects, V-belt wheels can be bought here)

Fencing (This is where I got the fencing caps I use in my fence project)

Monster Halloween Page  (Large list of do-it-yourself Halloween projects)

Cowlacious Designs  (Source for cheap animatronic boards) (source for cheap mp3 sound boards and timing switches, if you need to add sound to your ainmatronic look here)

Fright Ideas  (source for animatronic control boards with build in sound recording at affordable prices)

Blue Point Engineering  (Source for animatronic control boards, on the expensive side)

Haunted Props  (Largest selection of Halloween props that I know)

Apollo Design Technology (Thousands of lighting patters including Halloween patters)

Wildfire (Good source of professional UV paint and lighting)

Ebay (This is where you can get every component you will need at a cheap price)





The Haunted Driveway