CreatorThe Haunted Driveway got its name by the different Halloween props and effects along each side of my driveway.  I live in a house that has a very long driveway that any visitor needs to come down to get to the front door.  So I named my yard haunt the Haunted Driveway.  I started doing this whole hobby in 1993 when I was 8 years old.  I started out with a few decorations that you could buy in the stores and while I was out trick-or-treating my parents gave out the candy back home.  Everyone who came by thought the decorations where the best ever that they have seen.  My parents told me this when I got back and I decided to do it again the next year by adding a few more decorations.  Since then I’ve been adding new things every year and the number of people who came grew and grew. 

The projects that I have worked on have become more complicated over the years involving controlled pneumatic and audio animatronics, with sound and lighting to go along with the effects.  With college behind me and with a mechanical engineering degree and experience in pneumatics and robotics this will help me create better haunts in the future.

To anyone who want to start, it’s a great experience to get into and there are many resources on the Internet that you can use to build projects and get ideas.  Remember it’s a lot of fun to scare people!

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The Haunted Driveway