Cemetery Fence


File0001DSC00674                                                                                                                                                                     8 ft section of fencing shown above


DSC00164The points that go on the top of each rod can be made by cutting out some triangles from a sheet of plastic corrugated card board which you can pick up at a craft store.  You can also use fake top point by getting them from a fence company in your area or buy them online.  My page has a company where you can buy ones like I used.  The current company where I bought my fence points is no longer in business but I found another company that sells fence points that are very similar and are the same price.  The company is Hoover Fence Co. Part # PL-260T-4.  These fence points have a 3/4 inch square base so you will have to do a little modification to the ends of each PVC pipe to make them fit.  A Dremel tool for this works the best.  Also use a little bit of glue so the points don’t come off.

Paint the finish fence black and you can also add some gray and red spray paint on some parts of the fence to give a rusty look.  There are some pictures below showing a piece of fencing





DSC00163The picture to the left shows the Dremel tool cut for the square fence point to fit over the PVC pipe.











DSC00504Three 4 ft sections of fence connected together in picture.  I’m using bricks to hold them upright just for the picture taking.  To hold the fence stronger upright I normally use pieces of 1/2” diameter steel rod that is 3 ft in length and pound it into the ground roughly half way and then slide the fence over the steel rod.  I used 2 steel rods per section of fence.


The Haunted Driveway